Do you want to learn wing foil?
Through our partner PKS we offer you personalised and safe wingfoil lessons.
PKS is the number 1 school in Tenerife with more than 30 years of experience.
All instructors are certified by the International Wingfoil Organization and the lessons are adapted to your level (beginners or experienced).
All lessons are conducted with BB radio talkin which allows you to be in constant communication with the instructor.

In collaboration with our specialised school

Beginners classes

We offer individual and group classes for those who want to share the experience with a friend, family member or partner.

The aim of this course is to learn:

  • Basic notions of wind.
  • To know the material and set it up. Inflating and setting up the Wing.
  • Handling the Wing on land. Powering and de-powering, neutral position.
  • Safety.
  • Basic position and swich stance.
  • Wing and board handling in the water.
  • First lengths and upwind sailing.

Advanced classes

If you are already sailing and performing tricks and your goal is to move to the next level, we have experienced instructors to help you do it.

The sessions are 100% personalised according to your objectives, they are recorded and we give you feedback to keep improving.

Starter Pack

1 beach + 2 water


180,00 €

Pack 3 lessons

Lesson for beginners


315,00 €

  • top seller!

Pack 5 lessons

Lesson for beginners


531,00 €

Pack 2 people

1 Lesson for beginners


Price per person: 120 €

240,00 €

Pack 2 people

3 Lessons for beginners


Price per person: 360 €

720,00 €


1 + 13 =




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