Do you want to learn how to surf?
Through our partner PKS we offer you personalised and safe surf lessons.
PKS is the number 1 surf school in Tenerife with more than 30 years of experience. All our instructors have the necessary experience to introduce you to the sport in a safe way and the key concepts to be able to advance in one of the most popular water sports in the world.
The classes are for both beginners and advanced, always keeping your safety in mind.

In collaboration with our specialised school

Beginners classes

El Médano has the ideal conditions to get you started in the sport and offers you a unique opportunity to discover the thrill of surfing waves.

We will teach you the basics and techniques of surfing as well as how to manoeuvre so that you can feel comfortable in the water.

Advanced classes

Our advanced surf lessons are designed for those who already have some surfing experience and are looking to improve their technique, their knowledge of sea conditions and their ability to surf different types of waves.

Our highly trained and experienced instructors work with each student in small groups to ensure they receive personal attention and proper coaching.

1 private lesson

with the instructor Coach


60,00 €

4 private lessons

with the instructor Coach


145,00 €


Pack 2 people

with the instructor Coach


Price per person: 40 €

80,00 €


Pack 3 people

with the instructor Coach


Price per person: 34 €

100,00 €


Pack 4 people

with the instructor Coach


Price per person: 30 €

90,00 €


7 + 15 =




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